Library Donation Policy

Maryville Community Library Donation Policy

The Maryville Community Library board and staff members are very grateful for the generous donations from community members. However, due to space limitations, we must restrict the types of donations the library can accept.

The library welcomes donations of :

  • Newer hardback books in good condition
  • Literary classics of any age in good condition
  • DVDs

Due to lack of space, the library cannot accept:

  • Encyclopedias from earlier than 2009
  • Text books
  • Paperback romance novels from earlier than 2009
  • Outdated, torn, yellowed, or damaged books
  • Magazines or newspapers
  • VHS

All books donated to the library should be in good condition, with no loose pages or missing covers.

If you plan to make a large donation, please contact the Maryville Community Library by email at or call 618-288-3801 in advance.

The donor agrees that all donated items become the property of the Maryville Community Library to use as they see fit.

Thank you for your generosity and understanding.